Restoration of a Property in Centro Storico in Scalea

We thought we would share with you a current construction project from start to finish. This is a property that is being reconfigured for the new owners of a beautiful old town house in Scalea. We are using a tried and tested, and therefore trusted construction company Scarfone Costruzioni to reconfigure the upstairs area to suit the needs of the current owners.

Erik & Jonna from Sweden bought a town house in the old borgo of Scalea during May 2020. On their first visit in July 2020 and after a stay of 3 weeks, Erik and Jonna decided to refit the property to suit their needs. With two young children the spiral staircase to access the first floor and bedroom area was not ideal. They also decided to rework upstairs and create something that would put their own personal stamp on the property. Join us along their journey in renovating their dream home in Southern Italy.

Downstairs, Erik and Jonna have already completed some work themselves. The use of lighter colours and the removal of the metal screen now gives the feel of a grander space.

Upstairs there will be more structural changes.

Currently, there is an attractive but tight spiral staircase up to the first floor. With two young children, this is not ideal. Also, moving furniture up or down the stairs is extremely difficult, so definitely not practical. So, this will be removed and a standard staircase is planned to be installed.

Spiral Staircase
Spiral Staircase

On the top floor, the previous owners created as many rooms as possible to fit into the space. It currently has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. This gives the layout a look of a hotel or dormitory because of the number of doors. Also, the rooms on the far side has a sloping roof, which is not everyone’s preference. But it does lend itself to remove part of the roof to create an open terrace to enjoy the hot Calabrian days and evenings.


The plan shows the creation of a master bedroom with en-suite and two further bedrooms with a second bathroom and an open terrace.

See the walk through video of this property in the condition that it was purchased here

We will keep you up to date on the progress of this project. So, keep checking.

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